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Criminal Defense in the Hampton Roads area.

Criminal Defense

Carter Allen Law P.C. represents clients in criminal law cases in the Hampton Roads area.
We live in a society of laws. Violations of those laws are called crimes, such as rape, murder, and simple misdemeanors, including shoplifting and larceny. When you call our office, we will determine a little more about your issue, find out when your court date is, if one has been set, and we will set a time for you to come in and speak with our attorney.

Once you're here, Carter Allen Law P.C. will gather all the facts, set a fee schedule, and go over the details of your situation. If you decide to hire our firm, we will properly investigate your case, obtain case and lab reports, and walk you through the entire process from A to Z.
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Our focus is educating our clients so that they understand how the process works, and can understand what our attorney is doing and why he is doing it. We are a team. You give us the facts, and we use the facts to get the results that are best for you.